Monday, April 10, 2017

Electric Vehicle for Indian conditions

Widening of roads is not possible in most of the cities and towns in India. Public transportation can carry traffic only to a certain capacity. Traffic management and common sense would certainly help a lot but does  not take away the traffic woes completely.  No doubt, better roads would be required for efficient and safe travel. One of the striking characteristics in Indian traffic is diversity in vehicles. Autos and taxis are essential and cannot be replaced. If we look at the other vehicles, most of the four-wheelers are self driven and has no other passengers. Sitting comfort, AC and closed cabin are mostly the reasons to adopt this mode of transfer. Two-wheeler has discomfort of continuous balancing in busy traffic and hot sun in Indian climate always makes riders sweat unnecessarily. 

Someone could invent an electric vehicle which considers size, cost, efficiency and comfort of travellers by picking the best of attributes from two-wheeler and four-wheeler.

The vehicle should have two thick tyres and it should be self balancing. It's width  cannot be wider than half that of Maruti 800. It should have seating capacity for only two people - front and back - and a complete covering on the head. The closed cabin should be air conditioned. Vehicle should be fitted with solar panels to charge the batteries. Otherwise, there should be provision to charge the vehicle using regular electricity through sockets. 

It should come in different colours and  should go for at least 200 km with full charge. There should be a mobile app which shows how much charge is left and how many more kilometres can be covered. The app should also capture travel information and show analytics around it. Cost of the vehicle should not be more than INR 75k. Insurance should be given for three years.

This vehicle should help avoid using fossil fuels, produce no pollution and mostly standardise the smaller size of vehicle on the road. The last aspect should help streamline the traffic and also make the roads less congested. 

Is it really feasible to make everyone buy this vehicle? What happens to all the existing ones? Well, we had tape-recorders and VCD players once. Where have they gone?!