Monday, April 2, 2012

Job connection between Academia and Industry in India

No one wants good education. Everyone wants a good degree.
I always wonder about how the students in tier-2 and tier-3 colleges seek job opportunities and make a career. With government focusing on higher education, colleges have mushroomed in India and the order of students is 10 lakhs and 4 lakhs approximately per year in engineering and management streams! Would all those students who 'successfully' pass-out of these colleges get employed?

There are so many job portals in India now. The number of resumes available in any of these portals at any point in time would only be in multiple millions. But who are these members applying for jobs? Does everyone in this repository really get placed through them? I guess not. If that is the case, how would so many offline Human Resource (HR) Agencies survive? Anyways, the opportunities showcased to colleges in either case are nothing special. There are always umpteen restrictions from companies during the placement - should have secured more than 70% throughout the career, should have passed-out only in last one year and must be fluent in at least one non-Indian language (yes, I made this up :-). The process with these online or offline touch-points does not prepare students enough to enter the Industry.

CoCubes (derived from 'Connecting Colleges Companies') precisely fulfills this need - It provides a technology platform to help placement cell in a college (and apparently students in these colleges) find suitable jobs with companies. It enables companies to register on one side and students from registered colleges follow these companies. The companies can showcase their potential in the form of news, articles and photo gallery. The platform helps conduct online tests also to screen the students for an organization. The system clearly brings the students (especially in tier-3) closer to the Industry and helps the companies to seek authentic and high potential candidates easily. I wish CoCubes also offers Internships like in case of LetsIntern, which would provide opportunities for students from a broader perspective.

In the current ecosystem, all the participants in the platform - colleges, companies and students - benefit extensively. Should this collaboration between academia and industry exist only in terms of 'job opportunities'? I believe there must be strong ties between these entities to foster continued Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the two pillars of a thriving economy ! What do you think?