Thursday, February 16, 2012

E-Comerce India - Prepaid Online Re-Charge

India has almost 900 million mobile connections. More than 90% of them are pre-paid connections ! With so many members relying on pre-paid services, where does one re-charge their mobiles typically? There are many avenues to recharge - individual telecom operator outlets, kirana stores who are authorized to recharge our mobile from their mobiles, scratch-cards, certain bank ATMs or even online bank accounts. There is some constraint or the other in all the above channels.

How about making use of or to re-charge pre-paid services online. Need not move an inch from your comfy seat at home. These are sites with simple interface, which are built for the sole purpose of charging pre-paid connections. The beauty is that you can even re-charge your Direct-to-home (DTH) or data card connections also. That might bring a few more million users to these sites. has started supporting payments even for post-paid connections.

The best part in re-charging from these sites is that they provide coupons worth the amount that we re-charge. On the face of it, it looks like a great bargain. I wonder - what took it so long for this simple service to emerge online!!