Thursday, March 1, 2012

E-Commerce India - Flipkart and legal MP3 music download

There are many sites on Internet which allow MP3 music download but they do not offer legal or genuine mp3 songs for download. For the first time in India, here comes an e-commerce site, which offers legal download of songs in MP3 format. Flipkart has released this new offering, brand named flyte, over the last week-end.

I can browse through songs in different languages, genres, albums and tracks. I can also listen to samples of tracks before buying them. The best part is the ability to purchase (make online payments using credit card, debit card or even net banking) and download individual tracks. This would precisely help me browse and add only specific tracks (not entire albums) to my cart and download them all in one go.

Another good part is that I can transfer my downloaded songs on to any of my personal devices. If I get an opportunity to collect all my favorite songs in one format and can play them on all my personal gadgets - smartphone, MP3 player, Car stereo, Laptop or Personal Computer, what more can I ask for, as a music lover?