Sunday, March 11, 2012

E-Commerce India - Who doesn't like deals?

Though not well known in India, deal coupons (sent by post) are quite popular in advanced countries like USA. The coupons - which offer good discount on the products or services they offer - are put into mailboxes. The receiver can redeem these coupons, if he  wants to purchase those products / services, thus getting the 'deal'.

The same concept has turned online now. The deals are offered in various segments like Restaurants, Health & Beauty, Gadgets and Travel. The one who offers the deals is typically a 3rd party - between us and the vendor giving the actual deal. This 3rd party would strike a contract with various vendors to take their products / services to the end-customer. In this endeavour, the 3rd party cuts his commission from the deal, the vendor gets to sell more and the end customer has a good bargain. It's an 'all-win' situation. in one such deals site in India. There are many more which cropped-up in India after initial success of the first few. I am making a list of them and shall publish them shortly.

Did anyone try deals from any deal sites recently? What was your experience?